Pemodelan Data Magnetotelurik Dengan Remote Reference Untuk Eksplorasi Cekungan Migas Studi Kasus: Lapangan EM-4

Muhammad Iqbal Muslim Wachisbu, Bagus Jaya Santosa
Submission Date: 2015-01-29 11:02:12
Accepted Date: 2015-03-16 09:16:43


Magnetotelluric data modeling was used for oil and gas exploration. The parameters are apparent resistivity and phase. The magnetotelluric data of this research were line JBS4 with 71 sounding sites and line JBS8 with 66 sounding sites. The magnetotelluric data was completed by remote reference data which used for reducing the noise so that good data could be gotten. The magnetotelluric data was proceed in stage as follow: time series selection, Fourier transform, robust processing, cross power selection, and 2 dimension inversion. The result of this research showed that magnetotelluric method can figured out the sub-surface model well. From the result of interpretation 2D inversion magnetotelluric and other geophysical data (gravity anomaly map), we can conclude that magnetotelluric modeling figured out 2 sub-basins. Those sub basins had thick sediment layer (4000 meter for Bantarkalong Basin and 3000 meter for Citanduy Basin) and the dominant resistivity value was 22-119 Ohm.meter.


Magnetotelurik; Frekuensi; Impedansi; Resistivitas;